New collars!

This isn’t a product review blog, but I am so in love with Becks’ and Ellie’s new collars I had to share! They were custom made through a local business, The Mod Dog, and they couldn’t be more perfect. Ellie slipped her collar while on a walk a few weeks ago (luckily it wasn’t on a busy street, and she came right back after briefly relishing in her newfound freedom while her mom had a heart attack!), which was the impetus to switching from the flat buckle collar to the martingale.

Not only are they adorable and practical, they seem a lot more comfortable for Becks and Ellie because they can be worn looser, and for the 20 hours of the day they’re napping, they no longer have a buckle pushing into their necks.

And Sienna is not to be left out – she was actually the first to get a Mod Dog collar last year (which some of you noticed when she debuted on the cover of the West Paw catalog!), which I also love.

I hope you can see the details below – the furry coats The Twins sport in the winter gave me a particular challenge – I might have to try again later when they have their summer cuts. But Sienna’s collar has penguins, Ellie’s elephants, and Becko-Bob’s dinosaurs!

Thank you, Kari, for another beautiful job! These make me smile every day. ♥

March 22, 2012 - 7:26 pm

rachel - aww no comments about the new collars…

i like ’em! i think i like sienna’s best actually…

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