Aphrodite & Junebug

I first met Aphrodite and Junebug in a rather unconventional setting – my doctor’s office! These two are so well-mannered and quiet they’re able to go to work each day and visit with patients. So in addition to Dr. Springer being the best doctor I’ve ever had, when I visit his office I get to see these two!

Given how laid-back and calm they are the office, I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole ‘nother side of them at home. Their favorite thing in all the world is a stick to chase and share, and then sitting at their dads’ feet when they’re all tuckered out.

I’ve ever seen two dogs so perfect for each other. Aphrodite, the lighter-colored mix with the gorgeous baby blues, is seven years old and was shy and reserved. But once Junebug came along (he’s now five years old), he brought her out of her shell and now she swims and plays like she never did on her own. I hope the photos capture just a fraction of how wonderful it is to watch them chase their stick and bring it back together, and what an adorable pair they make!


September 27, 2012 - 4:55 pm

admin - what a small world, kelly! great to see you and belle this weekend. 🙂

September 24, 2012 - 10:51 pm

Kelly Ward - Hi Leesia – these photos are so wonderful! I can’t believe you know Dr. Springer and his pups. I love Junebug and Aphrodite and look forward to seeing them each time I see Dr Springer for my allergies.

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