Monty & Pearly

Monty is a 4-year-old miniature schnauzer who was adopted from Atlanta Humane Society, and Pearly is his 3-year-old sister, adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. One of the many reasons I love photographing rescue dogs is because of all the unique characteristics they have – Monty has the cutest little floppy ears, and Pearl has the most beautiful markings – it almost looks as though she’s had special highlights done with all those gorgeous streaks in her fur.

Monty is always on the go, watching out for passers-by and traipsing through the yard, while Pearly is quieter and more laid-back. Even though they’re opposites, they make the perfect pair: they love to play together, and especially love to snuggle with their humans. I had a wonderful time meeting these two!

October 10, 2012 - 11:16 am

Joni Solis - They are super cute. When will everyone learn that they can get adorable and loving dogs from shelters and rescuers and do NOT have to buy one (most pets bought come from puppymills – even when they tell you they do not).

Thank you for always stating if the dog is rescued. I read that it helps other people decide to try the adoption option!

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