Rio, Blaze, Cori & Chloe

This family of four are all rescues – Rio is a black lab mix, and her brother Blaze and sisters Cori and Chloe are greyhound rescues. Rio, 7, competes in agility, rally, obedience and musical freestyle. Blaze, 4, is training for agility and obedience, AND he’s a certified therapy dog! Cori, 4, loved rally and lure coursing but had to give it up for health reasons so now she’s a therapy dog. Chloe, 8, is the black-and-white greyhound who just joined the family two years ago from a home that wasn’t able to give her all that she needed. No matter what their pasts, they are all living the life now!

They are also joined by a cat and a parrot. It was so amazing to see how wonderfully all six coexist in harmony, and especially funny to see how, when Blaze, Cori and Chloe are first let out into their beautiful backyard, they start naturally racing each other and even run in pairs next to each other. What a beautiful family!

Blaze has the most expressive ears:

RJ & Reggie:

November 6, 2012 - 2:43 pm

Kathy R - LOVE ALL of the photos! Can;t wait to see the whole collection!

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