Brigid & Milo

Brigid is a 10-year-old lab mix and Milo is her cat brother, a 7-year-old Seal Point Ragdoll. No one has ever told these two they’re not the same species though – they are the best of friends and Milo loves to try to spoon with Brigid when she’s sleeping!

Milo is one of the most outgoing and affectionate cats I’ve ever met. He didn’t run when I first arrived, and every time his mom sat down for a second he crawled into her lap and started purring. He’s also the first cat I’ve ever seen who stands up in windows to look out just like dogs do! And definitely the first to give kisses – he actually bumps his nose to his mama’s chin and licks her! He was so much fun to meet.

My favorite thing about Brigid was her spotted socks – they are so distinctive and unique, and another reason I’m so partial to mixed breeds! She still think she’s a puppy and loves to play and explore. When she’s not doing that, she’s curling up on her mom’s feet for a tummy rub. 🙂 Thank you, Megan, for such a great session!