Rio and Nikko

If you know this pair, don’t tell their dad as this session is a surprise for his birthday! Rio is a gorgeous one-year-old Doberman and Nikko is a very sweet 10-year-old Tonkinese cat. I have always loved natural, uncropped ears and after you meet Rio I think you’ll see why! She is ridiculously photogenic, and even though she’s still a puppy her parents have done a splendid job with her training and she caught on to this whole modeling thing almost immediately.

Nikko is aptly nicknamed “The Love Monkey” and has never met a stranger. She loves to be held (even upside-down!) and has been known to melt the hearts of many professed non-cat-lovers. She acts like a kitten when her favorite toy comes out, and has a ridiculous vertical leap. Oh, that we could all age so well!