Bailey, Maggie, Cody, and RJ

Get ready for a lot of action shots: these four Cavalier King Charles spaniels LOVE playing ball so much that for part of the session we had to collect all the balls and hide them! Bailey, ten, is the father of these three littermates – Maggie, Cody, and RJ are all eight years old. Cody is the tricolor like his dad, and Maggie and RJ are blenheims.

RJ is the most athletic of the bunch, Maggie a close second, and sweet Cody loves to chase the ball too but RJ and Maggie always get to it first. Bailey is the most mellow and is happy to sniff and lounge around while they play. Everyone gets along so well and they were so much fun to photograph!

From left to right, meet Maggie, Cody, RJ, and Bailey:

They were having so much fun that Bailey decided to join in for a couple runs:

Cody is the only one who will let his dad groom him: