Brady & Toby

These maltese and yorkie brothers are quite the pair! Brady, an eight-year-old maltese, is king of the house and has everyone wrapped around his little paw. Sometimes he thinks he’s a cat – he prances all over everyone when they’re on the couch or bed and loves to curl up right on your chest or shoulder. Toby is seven and LOVES toys. Squeaky toys, soft toys, bouncy toys – anything and everything. He loves to fetch and then carry his prize all over the house until he finds the perfect spot to lie down with it.

Neither were afraid of the camera since they were excited to be the centers of attention. Brady would run around hopping on furniture and striking poses left and right, while Toby never tired of my whistle and gave me so many cute head tilts I could hardly stand it!

Brady has a beloved penguin toy that he has had for EIGHT years – since he was a puppy! It is the only toy he will touch and he always plays with it after he has his dinner. (below, right)

June 11, 2013 - 10:32 pm

Joni Solis - Oh my, these two are so super duper cute and they still look like puppies! LOVE how in the first photo they are both tilting their heads towards each other. You got some magnificent photos of them. Luckily people to have these two pups and your great photos.

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