Eli & Elvis

I photographed these handsome brothers when they were six months old and they were about 50 or 60 pounds then, so I expected they’d be slightly more filled-out but not too different. I was in a for a surprise! Eli and Elvis apparently had a lot more growing to do – they are both at least 100 pounds now – and now you can see a lot more Rottweiler in their features. They are three years old now, and have one of the most wonderful bonds I’ve ever seen. (They were abandoned together in a park when they were nine weeks old, but were lucky enough to find their way into one of the best homes ever!)

These two move like they’re one symbiotic unit moving in two bodies, if that makes any sense. They love to play together and groom each other. Eli is the more outgoing one who is obsessed with making sure every kong in the house is completely licked clean, and Elvis is known for splaying on his back with his paws in the air to elicit belly rubs. (Of course his brother saw what was going on and immediately copied him in an effort to bring the attention back on to himself!)

Elvis is on the left, Eli on the right: