Maisy & Abby

Anyone who’s met me knows I have a soft spot for mixed breed rescue dogs – so of course I was thrilled when Maisy and Abby’s mom asked me to be their photographer! Maisy is a border collie mix, 15 years young and definitely does not look her age – she can turn on that especially adorable puppy face when she wants a squeaky toy from you. Abby is her little sister, around four, adopted through Atlanta Pet Rescue. (Sheltie? Collie? Aussie? Who knows!)

They are the perfect pair – they can share their beloved collection of squeaky and stuffed toys and get along wonderfully. When she’s not playing ball, Maisy is the lookout, always watchful of cars and passers-by. Abby will help her stand guard from time to time, but mostly she wants someone petting her at all times. She knows that’s her purpose in the world, since she has some of the softest fur around and big brown eyes that will convince you there’s nothing else more important than snuggling with her.

Aren’t they gorgeous?