Rio, Moe, & Phoenix

These three sisters make quite the pack. Although they’re not related, Rio and Moe were rescued at the same time from a shelter in Alabama because their mom wanted them to have a playmate, and then Phoenix was adopted from the same shelter three years later. Rio is a yellow lab/boxer mix, Moe is a chocolate lab/pit mix (both ten), and Phoenix is a seven-year-old shepherd/terrier mix.

They all get on wonderfully. Rio is the feisty, spunky one who loves to play ball, while Moe is the snuggly, laid-back girl who thinks she’s a 70 lb lapdog. Phoenix is the energetic, vocal member of the group who always wants to be the center of attention. Rio has the widest, sweetest smile, while Moe has the most expressive eyes. And don’t even get me started on Phoenix’s ears! All three were a photographer’s dream. What a trio!