Asta & Herman

Asta’s shelter paperwork called her a “Terrier X,” so when I first learned that I knew I’d be in for a treat. One of the many things I love about shelter dogs are all the unique and adorable mixes – and Asta has the turned-out paws for which everyone knows I’m a sucker! Asta is 14 years old now, rescued from a Virginia shelter many years ago, and although she’s nearly deaf she always knows exactly where the food is.

She just got a new brother a couple months ago, a young chihuahua mix named Herman. They are perfect together because Asta can be picky about which dogs she’ll grace with her presence, and these two are getting along wonderfully! Herman is very calm for a chi, and loves to snuggle, while Asta patrols for food and any passers-by happening by her window.

This session was for Asta since she’s getting into her senior years, but Herman was so interested in what we were doing and kept striking poses left and right – so we couldn’t resist sneaking in some of him as well!