Sully & Emma

I first photographed Emma five years ago – I can’t believe it has been that long. She’s eleven now and a big sister to Sully, a one-year-old pit mix who just hit the jackpot with his new forever home. He was sprung from Dekalb County Animal Services after showing off his amazing temperament and mad skills with kids. He’s very patient and gentle, and keeps Emma young by engaging her in play but also knowing when she needs a break.

Emma has always been insanely photogenic and she did not disappoint this time around! Since we’d photographed her before, Sully was supposed to be the main subject, but she kept stealing the spotlight as if to say, “This is how it’s done, little brother!” But Sully is a handsome boy in his own right and a complete master of the close-up shot – he’s so affectionate that as soon as he realized he had your attention, he’d get as close to you as possible, even scooting or army crawling if he was already in a sit or down position. I love these two!