Samson, Moose, Belle, Gus, Chase, & Hank

What a pack!! This crew’s mom has founded a non-profit that provides pet food and other essentials to owners who can’t afford it, along with low-cost veterinary care. They also rescue and rehabilitate dogs in high-risk situations. The Paws Cause will open in Flowery Branch at the end of the year, so please help get the word out about this wonderful new organization! I had the honor of photographing the six mascots whose beautiful faces will adorn the new building when it opens.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived – I only knew there would be six dogs ranging in size from a Great Dane to a Boston Terrier – but this pack was so much fun to photograph it was nearly impossible to put down my camera at the end of the session! Moose and Belle are eleven-year-old Boston Terriers and the first Bostons I’ve ever met who don’t like to fetch – so go figure: Samson, the seven-year-old Great Dane, is the one who loved to fetch and was the most sprightly seven-year-old Dane I’ve ever met.

Chase is a nine-year-old Rottweiler mix who is all about lounging and belly rubs. He literally went from room to room with us and just laid down and watched us. Gus is a three-year-old pit bull mix who was rescued from the streets of Atlanta as a puppy and his wonderful parents kept him because they knew it would be next to impossible to find a home for him – he is extremely skittish and doesn’t always do well with other dogs and people. This pack is so balanced they have helped him out of his shell, and much to our surprise he voluntarily joined us for a few photos!

Hank is the newest member of the family, a four-month-old Golden Retriever mix who was also found as a stray. They intended to foster him, but of course he was bound to be a failure! He has the sweetest face and an even sweeter temperament. Now – on to the photos!