Annabelle & Mayson

Sweet Annabelle is twelve, nearly deaf, and in failing health – but don’t tell her that! She is a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who doesn’t let her ailments keep her from enjoying walks with her brother and snuggling with her mama. Her brother Mayson is eight and loves to play ball – his claim to fame is figuring out how to carry two tennis balls in his mouth at once. (It’s not that they just fit like they do for larger breeds – he has to very deliberately hold both balls steady between his front paws, then lift them both simultaneously to secure them with his mouth. Quite the sight!)

Annabelle and Mayson are both loving this crisp fall weather and were very excited to have a morning devoted just to them. Please send lots of positive thoughts to Annabelle for many more good days! They are such a cute pair and I had so much fun getting to know them.