Henry & Franklin

Henry and Franklin are very handsome five-year-old St. Bernard brothers who were rescued together from a high-kill shelter. When they were surrendered they were a bit on the wild side, but luckily they hit the jackpot with their new forever home. After less than a year in their new home and plenty of love and training, they are so well-mannered that I can’t even imagine what they were like when they first came home. It is amazing to watch two 180-pound dogs walk so calmly with their mom (who probably weighs about half of ONE of them!) and respond to her even when they want to run across the street to greet another dog or catch a squirrel.

In the house they are so goofy and loving I could hardly stand it. Henry follows you around with his big brown eyes, begging for a head scratch, but then just as easily stretches out to relax and is just content to be near you. Franklin is the goofier of the two, always rolling on his back to beg for belly rubs and using all those adorable wrinkles to his advantage. How could you ever resist these faces?!

The boys LOVE to be toweled off: