Zach, ZoE & Jake

I first met this trio four (!!) years ago when ZoE was just a puppy. I was so excited to see everyone again that even the rain could not deter us!

Zach is a standard Cocker Spaniel, and ZoE is a miniature. Jake is their goofy ragdoll cat companion who deigned to pose for a few moments during our session. These guys were just as adorable as I remember (if not more so) and the grass was so lush and green I couldn’t resist working in it a bit even though it was wet – and they were such good sports about it! (Especially their mom, who had to dry them off and brush them out after all the frolicking. Thank you, Barbara!)

ZoE is the wild child, always ready to play and cuddle and just be a part of whatever it is you’re doing at that moment. Zach is the reserved big brother who makes you earn his affection, and then he rewards you with the most regal poses and sweet smiles. They all get along wonderfully – my favorite capture of the day was a quiet moment between ZoE and Jake that happened all on its own. I love those!

Zach doing his best ZoE impression!