Kyra, Luke & Bren

I am so in love with this trio! They are all rescues (yay!): Kyra is a Lab/Beagle mix and is the eager-to-please angel, the apple of her mom’s eye. Even though she’s ten, you would never know it – she loves her tennis ball and can outrun everyone else any day of the week!

Luke is a Beagle/Dachshund mix, eager to please as long as treats are involved, and has what everyone jokingly calls a “touching disorder” – some part of his body has to be touching yours at all times. If he’s not giving kisses, he’s resting his nose on your arm, your shoulder, your leg…it’s pretty freakin’ adorable and made for some awesome sleeping shots since he loves snuggling with his sisters too!

Bren is the youngest sister, a three-year-old Pit mix who spent nine months of her life in a shelter. Her mom took her in as a foster, and after lots of love and affection, she has come out of her shell and is one of the sweetest, most darling girls you’ll ever meet. It was touching to see her so happy and secure in her home after such difficult beginnings.

I’m going to start the post with this spontaneous, completely unposed shot that I really, really love. This trio’s amazing mom does a lot of work in the rescue community, and in this image the love she has for her dogs and the countless dogs she’s helped is palpable – as is the love they have for her.

Thank you, Sara, for such a wonderful session!