The Tucker Farm

I love it any time photos from The Tucker Farm pop up in my facebook feed, so getting to visit in person was like being on a movie set! I felt like I was meeting celebrities of the animal world and it was an absolute blast. This made me want to move out of the city so I could live on a farm and roll around in the grass all day with adorable baby goats, bunnies, and dogs!

I’ll list out the names of the stars appearing in this ginormous blog post, but follow The Tucker Farm on facebook if you want to get to know them better. I’m still trying to remember names… :p Norm is the French bulldog, Lola is a pit mix and therapy dog, Lottie is the pit mix girl with the adorable ears, and Dewey is the shih tzu mix. And Pat, Paige, and Pam are the Nigerian Dwarf goats!