Danny, Ruby, Hope, and Loretta (+ a peek of Mayor, April and Wanda)

Our own Ellie is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International, so over the years we’ve met a lot of amazing dogs. Danny, a blond terrier mix, is the one of the chapter’s newer dogs and belongs to our awesome chapter president Cindy. There is something about Danny’s wide smile and goofy ears that just gets me (of course Ellie loves him too!), so I was super-excited to be able to photograph him and meet him in his own element, along with the rest of his pack. Ruby and Hope (shih tzu and border collie mixes, respectively) are also certified through TDI, and are absolute sweethearts as well. Ruby is a mama’s girl and is always by her side. Hope also loves to be wherever the humans are, and is quite the talker. Somehow when he’s on therapy visits, though, he’s the opposite as if he knows he’s at work!

Loretta is a beautiful seven-month-old kitten who just joined the pack this month, and is getting along wonderfully with everyone, including Wanda, who was rescued as a feral kitten last year. She is gorgeous, but also very elusive so I didn’t get to see her much…Mayor and April are equally shy. They are super sweet, but just didn’t know what do to with this stranger invading their home! When they did pop out for brief appearances, though, they were quite the stars and gave the camera the cutest expressions.

To this adorable pack’s mom and dad: thank you, Cindy and Kyle, for all the hard work you put into TDI Chapter #193! Ellie and I can’t thank you enough.

Ruby is the oldest and smallest of the dogs, making her the queen bee!

Sweet girl April:

Handsome Mayor:

I love it when cats stop mid-pose for an impromptu bath…ha!

Floofalicious Wanda!