Sassy, Twinkle, Mia & Koko

These four are the other half of a pack you met last year – we had to do two sessions to make sure everyone got their fair share of time in the spotlight! Sassy is a 15-year-old Bichon Frise who was the very first dog of the family, and Koko was first (and only!) cat of the family, an orange tabby who is now 14 years old. Lydia and her mom rescued them when Lydia was just five years old; they grew up together and now Lydia is headed off to college this fall!

Twinkle is almost five years old, a Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, and he only has eyes for Lydia’s mom. He always has to be in her lap or by her side if she’s sleeping. And his ears!! I think in his spare time he might be listening to radio stations from other galaxies. :p

Mia is the newest addition to the family, an 18-week-old Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle mix just adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society. She’s fitting in perfectly with her new family and is ridiculously adorable with her puppy run and gangly legs. Needless to say, I had a fantastic time with these four star models!

Sassy’s begging-for-treats face – how could you say no to those big eyes?!