Spencer, Libby, & Baxter

These three rescued boxers are so photogenic it’s kind of ridiculous. Spencer is the big brother, about seven or eight years old, and Libby is the little sister who’s about four. Baxter is the newest addition, also about seven or eight, a foster who was going to be temporary but was so charming he ended up staying permanently! They are the most harmonious pack – none of them are alphas, so they have toys strewn about and love to walk in single-file lines in and out the door in any order. Watching them, it seems as if all three of them move as one single unit, orbiting each other to see if everyone is in the mood to play, or sleep – or beg for treats!

Libby and Baxter are from Atlanta Boxer Rescue, and their family frequently hosts foster dogs for ABR as well. I didn’t get to see them interact with a foster while I was there, but I can only imagine what a wonderful stop their home must be for the boxers who get to come through! Libby is the most energetic and playful, and will entice Spencer into wrestling matches. Spencer is the snuggly mama’s boy, and Baxter is the laid-back guy who just likes to take it all in after he finds a cuddly spot on your lap.

But I don’t need to tell you how full of personality these kids are – I’ll let you see for yourself! (Thanks, Tiffany, for a wonderful session!) From left to right, meet Baxter, Libby, and Spencer: