Poof, Gigi, and Lila

I’ll introduce you to these gorgeous girls from oldest to youngest: Poof is a kitten (maybe a Russian Blue?) who is now fourteen years old and was saved by her mom when she was just a few days old. Her mom found her when she was in college, and even though she didn’t have the schedule or resources to hand-raise a baby kitten, she did it anyway. She snuck her into her classes so she could bottle feed her as frequently as she needed, and was there when Poof opened her eyes for the very first time. Even though Poof can be a diva (as cats usually are!), she and her mom have an amazing bond.

Gigi, a miniature Schnauzer, will be seven this year and in her mom’s words, is a “precious little princess.” She’s doesn’t like to get dirty like her goofy puppy sister, and is all about being held. In the rare instances she loses the spotlight, she will gaze sweetly at her mom so that when she catches her eye she has to stop everything she’s doing and go cuddle her!

Lila is the newest addition to the family, a one-year-old giant Schnauzer who is equal parts goofball and lovebug. Her mom knew she wanted this breed, but also knew how many dogs are in need of homes every day. I admire her very much for waiting as long as she had to until Lila came along, who was discarded by the breeder because she was “damaged” (damaged = missing a toe!), but obviously she is perfect.

We started off the session in their lovely home, then spent the end of our playdate playing ball in the creek, one of Lila’s favorite things to do!