Luther, Lola, & Luke

These three have very important jobs. Their mom is the founder of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, and although she’s retired from APRA now, she is still busy as ever in the local rescue community. Luther, Lola, and Luke are the welcoming committee for the steady stream of fosters she takes into her home. They help the fosters acclimate to their new digs and show them what it’s like to live the good life!

Luther is the oldest, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is very patient and low-key. He points out all the best napping spots to the fosters. Lola teaches the foster dogs manners and how to play, as she gets along with everyone and is as sweet as can be. Luke was recently taken in as a foster, but he’s here to stay – he and Lola are such good buddies their mom can’t bear to separate them. Luke is one of the most cheerful, outgoing dogs you’ll ever meet, with a very charming smile to boot.

Meet Luke, Luther, and Lola: