Jasper & Lucy

I will be out of the office beginning Friday September 19th, and won’t be back until Monday October 6th. But before I go, I have two more pups I have to share! Jasper and Lucy are complete opposites in looks and temperament, but they are still best buds. They love to play and romp around in their beautiful backyard together, and when they’re inside Lucy likes to groom Jasper and they stand guard for visitors.

Jasper is a six-year-old shih tzu who is very easygoing and just likes to stand back and take it all in. He loves belly rubs and will clap his hands together in the air when he wants more. Lucy is a one-year-old chocolate lab mix rescued through Mutt Madd-ness and is amazingly calm and attentive for being only a year old! She loves to play, but is also gentle and loving. They are really quite the pair!