Brewster & Violet

Brewster is a ridiculously adorable Bearded Collie who was rescued from a shelter in Alabama ten years ago. When I arrived for the session, I knocked on the door and saw his face pop up on the other side of the glass door, tailing wagging like crazy, and knew this was going to be a fantastic session!

Brewster is eleven now, but has been easygoing and gentle since the day he arrived. He’s never met a stranger, and even welcomed the addition of his cat sister Violet earlier this year without batting an eye. He loves to nap by the front door, keeping tabs on the goings-on in and around the house. His favorite part of the day is when his dad asks him if he’s ready for a walk, and they go their neighborhood’s private park (I’m so jealous!) for a stroll and sometimes a dip in the creek.

This handsome boy missed his calling in life as a professional model. Few dogs take to the camera as quickly as he did – he made all sorts of ridiculous expressions without any prompting, and when we were working outdoors he trotted across the field toward the camera like a model on a runway. I love him!

Did someone say “treat”?

I love the single stripe he has on his tail…

Of course we had to get a few of sweet senior kitty Violet. Brewster was a little miffed about losing the spotlight so in a lot of these photos, even though you can’t see him, he’s actually squished himself directly between the camera and Violet!