Scout & Riggins

All the terriers I’ve met are full of spunk and personality, and Scout and Riggins were no exception! Scout is an eight-year-old golden scruffy mix who was rescued from the Atlanta Humane Society, and her little brother Riggins is a two-year-old white scruffy mix (maybe JRT?) from Orphan Annie Rescue. They are two peas in a pod – they LOVE chasing tennis balls and running around at the park.

Scout is always glued to her mom’s side, leash or no leash, and will play ball as long as you will let her. Riggins is more adventurous and easily distracted, so he hasn’t figured out the returning part of the fetch game, but it is equally entertaining to watch as he zigs and zags all over the field. Scout loves the creek, and for our session Riggins was allowed to go in for the first time and he loved it too!

Thank you, Mary Beth, for such a fun session!