Fletcher is a handsome four-year-old Vizsla whose zest for life is infectious. He loves to play in the park every day, grazing on all the smells and playing fetch. He’s never far from his mom and dad, and when he’s at home it’s though he has an “off” switch – he goes from jumping in the air at the park to lazing in the sun spots and snuggling with his people in front of the television or at his mom’s feet while she works. He always has to be touching someone, whether that means pushing his back end into you or full-on spooning.

Unfortunately, Fletcher was diagnosed with kidney lymphoma just before our session. He had had his first round of chemo a few days before I met him, but just like the star he is, he’s bouncing back very well and is still the playful, sweet charmer that everyone knows him to be. Please send lots of healing thoughts to Fletch and his family while he goes through his treatment.

It was such an honor to photograph this gorgeous boy. Thank you, Heather and Rex, for a wonderful session.