Pauline & Stella

Pauline and Stella are quite the showstoppers – two of the most beautiful girls you’ll ever see. Pauline is a Border Collie mix with one blue eye and one brown eye, and giant bat ears. Stella is an Australian Cattle dog with a lovely salt-and-pepper coat and a sweet, shy smile. They’re both rescues (Pauline’s striking mix is of the many reasons I love mixed breeds!), and they hit the jackpot with their new family. Each arrived with some behavioral challenges, but their amazing family took the time and patience to work with them so that if you met them now, you’d never guess there was a time they weren’t perfect!

Stella almost seems like she has an on/off switch – she’s incredibly laid-back and calm and her favorite pastime is sunbathing on the porch…until you bring out one of her favorite toys. Her expression turns from relaxed to crazy-intense, and then she’s off – playing tug with her sister and zooming around the house. But as soon as the toy is gone, she’ll flop over for a nap on the hearth just like that! Pauline’s love is for people rather than toys. She always has to be where her humans are, and will snuggle under the blankets even if it’s way too warm for her because she doesn’t want to leave your side.

All that said, words will still not convey how gorgeous and sweet these girls are – so now I’ll let the pictures do that!