Kodi, Berkeley, and Gracie

Meet Kodi, Berkeley, and Gracie! Kodi is a black lab who has soulful eyes and the air of an infinitely wise elder. He is calm and sweet, always wagging his tail and taking it all in. We celebrated his 14th birthday during the session with a special cake and some party hats for good measure.

Berkeley is a 12-year-old yellow lab/vizsla mix, a sweet girl who loves to be the center of attention. Don’t tell her she’d be considered a senior, as she still loves to play and run. Gracie is the baby of the pack, a 10-year-old mix with those eyebrow markings we all love. She likes to remind everyone that she’s the youngest, always bounding out in front to grab the toy or treat! She’s happiest when she’s carrying a stuffed animal in her mouth and patrolling for squirrels.