Ling & Lily

It’s been awhile since I’ve able to post! For those in Atlanta, you know we just got through a loooooong spell of wacky weather…icy one day, briefly sunny and nearly hot the next, followed by days and days of rain. After wreaking havoc on my shooting schedule, the weather seems to have settled down (for now) so now it’s time to get caught up…

I last photographed Ling when she was eleven years old and her little sister Lily had just joined the family as a puppy…I can’t believe it’s been five years since that session, but Ling is now sixteen and Lily is five! And they now have a two-legged sister who’s younger than both of them but quickly outgrew them size-wise. :p

Ling is still a beautiful, regal girl – she spends her days as queen of the castle, lounging in her favorite sunny spots while Lily keeps watch at the windows to keep tabs on the comings and goings. These girls make quite the pair!