Aiken is a one-year-old Boykin Spaniel who has never met a stranger. When someone new walks into his home, he doesn’t bark, but rather jumps with joy and wiggles with so much excitement he can hardly contain himself! He is such a ham, always smiling widely or goofily cocking his head. He is incredibly photogenic, too – in fact, the only tough part about photographing him is trying to keep yourself from petting him instead! He always has to be pressed up against his mom or dad (or the new visitor with the camera), getting his back or ears scratched.

We were lucky to finally have a few consecutive days of sun, so we could enjoy the unbelievably beautiful garden at Aiken’s home. His family has crafted a lovely oasis in the middle of the city, a garden so stunning that it’s been on the cover of Southern Living and been rented for weddings. An adorable dog, a lovely garden, AND a sunny spring day? Does it get any better than this?!