Adorable little schnauzer mix Sadie was rescued from the same group as two of my pups – Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption – and like so many animals in shelters, she turned out to be a dog so perfect and loving no one can fathom how in the world she ever ended up homeless! She’s about nine years old now, but still loves to play with her squeaky toys and dance for treats.

She wins over everyone she meets with her calm demeanor and the quiet smile in her eyes. When she’s not cuddling up next to you, she’s sunbathing in the light patches coming through the windows or napping in one of her favorite spots around her house.

Unfortunately, Sadie was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. I was lucky to be able to meet her very soon after her diagnosis so she is still feeling very much herself – please send lots of love and healing thoughts to her and her family. We are all hoping for many, many more good days like this one.