Scout, Smoky, Stella & Carly

These three felines far outnumber their dog sibling Carly, an Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption alumna, but she’s so mild-mannered and eager-to-please that she fit right in when she joined the family earlier this year. All four are rescues taken in by this very generous couple, who don’t let age get in the way of giving an animal their perfect home. Carly was already five, and Smoky was a senior that had been overlooked at the shelter. Because shelters and rescues often have me out to photograph their longer-term residents, I can’t tell you how encouraging and fulfilling it is to get to see a happy ending.

Scout is a handsome gray cat who is one of the most outgoing cats I’ve ever met. When I arrived, he followed Carly right to the door, completely unfazed, and proceeded to start examining all of my gear with his nose. Smoky is also a dapper gray gentleman, who looks like an older version of Scout with the softest fur you can imagine. Scout is the energetic, playful guy, while Smoky is mainly interested in activities that involve food.

Stella is the shy girl of the bunch, a gorgeous black-and-white kitty who didn’t mind me petting her but minded the camera very much. She declined to participate, but we squeezed in a few photos with her mom next to her as her security blanket. She is super sweet and we tried our best to convince her the camera wouldn’t steal her soul, but when it comes to cats, if they don’t want to do something, they’re just not going to do it!

Carly is a flurry of wagging tail and smiling tongue, as sweet and friendly as dogs can get. Like Scout, she’s never met a stranger, and loves everyone, even the cats when they are being mean to her!

June 8, 2015 - 10:32 pm

Ashlyn - I love these Leesia and we loved working with you! Can’t wait to see the rest :). Thank you again!

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