Harley & Ava

Harley is a five-year-old Doberman who is very protective in her family, but also knows when a visitor is a friend – in other words, a perfect guard dog! She is always standing watch at the front windows, keeping track of all the passers-by and delivery trucks. When she’s not watching, she’ll sunbathe in those front windows and her ears will flick as she keeps track of all the activity with her eyes closed.

Ava is a one-year-old Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie) who has never met a stranger and loves to play – she wrestles with Harley like there’s no 80-pound difference between them and they play in the cutest way, Ava pawing Harley’s face while Harley gently wraps an arm around Ava.

Ava will run to the window if Harley alerts to something, but if she doesn’t find anything compelling she runs back to her people, where she loves being the center of attention. When Harley thinks the house is safe, she will retire to the family room and hop up on the couch to watch tv with her family. I love these two!