Hershey & Mac

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both these handsome boys when they were puppies, and it was so fun to see them all grown up. Hershey is a Yorkie mix, and to call him photogenic would be an understatement. He has so many adorable expressions and so much patience for set and outfit changes (ha!) that I know he must have been a professional model in a past life.

His little brother Macintosh (Mac for short) is a terrier mix who is just as adorable, but he only works if he’s getting paid so we made sure to keep lots of treats on hand!

As icing on the cake, I got to photograph these boys in a different setting, in a home with so many options I didn’t know what to do with myself! They had a whole holiday wardrobe set out for their holiday card this year, and there was a gorgeous library that made me want to break out into song with something from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” – and a backyard so green, even this time of year, that I could have photographed them all day…