Coco, Winston, & Lacie Gracie

These three make quite the pack! Coco and Winston are five-year-old littermates who actually look nothing alike – Coco got mostly the chihuahua genes while Winston got the terrier genes, and Lacie Gracie is 50 pounds but thinks she’s a 15-pound lap dog like her siblings. (She is not one of their littermates, ha!)

Lacie is the baby of the family, nearly a year old, so she has boundless energy and loves to play and run. She is extremely gentle and sweet and loves everyone (person or dog!) she meets, especially if they have a toy to share. Winston is a scruffalicious lovebug who just wants to be wherever you are, checking things out. Coco is the smallest, so of course she is the boss of the house. She loves treats and cuddles in equal measure!