Heather, Mr. K., Pudley, & Nibbles

These four adorable rescue Scotties are one of the cutest crews you’ll ever meet – so cute they’ve amassed their own fan club through the wonderful blog Scottie Mom! When I first arrived, I thought I was at the wrong house because I didn’t hear a peep when I knocked. But it turns out these four are really just that laid-back. (I know, I’m jealous too!)

Eleven-year-old Heather is the leader of the pack and her main goal in life is to seek out treats, and when she’s satisfied there aren’t any eluding her, she’ll settle down in her favorite corner (she has one in each room of the house). Mr. K is nine years old and of course he loves treats, but he also loves the ball. He’s quite the athlete, along with Pudley, who just joined the family this year with his littermate Nibbles.

It was so fun to see these four together. Even though Pudley and Nibbles are new to the family, they’re finding their places well and it is wonderful to see such a harmonious pack. Their amazing mama takes incredible care of them and is such a great advocate for rescue – many people assume if they want a certain breed that rescuing isn’t an option, but that’s rarely the case. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a pup who had a turn of bad luck end up hitting the jackpot, and they certainly have with the Scottie Mom!

From left to right, meet Pudley, Nibbles, Heather, and Mr. K.: