Teddy, Ember & Omelet

A poodle with a mohawk, a doberman with uncropped ears, AND a micro mini piglet?! One of these would be a treat with any session, but to have all three in one session…I could hardly focus on any one thing because there was so much cuteness going on! Teddy is a three-year-old poodle who has the most unique cut that makes him insanely adorable, with his floppy ears and wide amber eyes.

Ember is a three-year-old dobie who is all legs and ears and is the energetic one of the bunch. She’s always instigating playtime with anyone who’ll indulge her. Omelet (Ommy for short, as if that name weren’t squee-worthy enough already!) is the newest addition, a five-month-old piglet who is pretty much all about the food, as you’d expect from a pig.

All three get along amazingly. Omelet is unfazed by the dogs, and will sometimes give them a little nudge but mostly likes rooting around in the big backyard. Ember and Teddy have a great big-dog-little-dog dynamic, where Ember plays but responds to Teddy’s objections when she sometimes gets too rough. They’re always checking in with each other and are never far from the other. What a pack!