Four years ago, Sammie was very lucky to be rescued by some kind neighbors who couldn’t stand seeing her chained up outside any longer. She was full of heartworms, wary and skittish from a lifetime of neglect. They treated her heartworms, put some much-needed weight on her, and showed her what a loving home was supposed to be – and now, of course, she is flourishing! She’s nine years old now and found a forever home with another neighbor who couldn’t say no to her sweet face even though her husband had allergies. (Like me, he’s taking allergy shots because what’s life without a dog? 🙂 )

Sammie is nine years old now and living the good life. She starts out her morning racing around the backyard like a puppy, then comes in and examines her stuffed toys to decide which one she’ll be carrying around that day. (Lambchop, of course!) Then she snoozes while waiting for Mom to stop for a meal break, at which point she lurks by the countertops hoping to sneak a taste of chicken or bison (her favorite).

I loved what a documentary feel this session took on, as Sammie had so many different activities and quirks to capture. It was so wonderful to see Sammie living the life she deserves after such a rough start. I love happy endings!