Sophie, Grace & Zoey

Get ready for a Frenchie-sized boatload of cuteness! Sophie is a twelve-year-old French bulldog who’s just been joined by adorable six-month-old puppies Grace and Zoey. She’s taking it all in stride and has been happy to have some playmates to keep her young. Sophie is a regal girl with an adorable crinkled ear. She’s all about staking out the best napping spots and making sure she’s in the same room as her mom.

Grace is the Frenchie who doesn’t look like she’s wearing eyeliner (she also has a bit of “resting bitch face” when her mouth is closed, ha!), while Zoey looks like she carefully applies her eyeliner each morning and is always smiling. Grace is the more independent and particular of the two. Zoey, though, is all kisses and wags and just wants to please.  The hardest thing about this session was keeping her from photobombing all the shots for the other two!