Darcy, Bella, & Piper

You’ll have to forgive this unusually long blog post, but these three loved the camera so much, there are too many photos to choose from! Normally when I arrive at a session, we have a little introduction time where the dogs get their barks out, maybe a few growls if they’re Nervous Nellies (like one of mine!), and then have to sniff me and all my equipment. However, within minutes of walking in the door, Darcy grabbed a toy and started tossing it around in the exact part of the room where the best light was! So I took the cue and started immediately. 🙂

Darcy is the tiny Aussie-looking mix, Bella is the ridiculously long-legged black lab mix, and Piper is the teddy bear-like Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Darcy loves to play and has boundless energy since she’s only about two years old, and Piper loves to play as well but is also equally happy getting snuggles. Bella, about seven years old, is often game for fetch but is also very, very lazy. (I think she might have fallen asleep during the shoot a few times!) All three get along incredibly well, as the older girls are patient with Darcy’s energy and are very sweet about sharing their toys.

Without further ado, meet Darcy, Bella, and Piper: