When Harper’s mom described her as a beagle/rottie mix, I couldn’t wait to meet her – I love photographing mixed breed dogs because they’re so unique. This adorable girl is the size of a beagle (and has the nose of one too!), but has the markings of a rottweiler. She’s five years old and was lucky enough to be born into a foster home, so she’s only known a life of love and comfort – the way it should be!

Harper is always on the go, whether that means sniffing every inch of the lawn, swimming across a lake, or chasing her toys across the yard. She loves everyone she meets, two-legged or four-legged. She is playful, affectionate, and goofy (look for the smirk on her face in one of my favorite photos below!) – when you see her you can’t help but smile. If we humans could learn to approach life with such enthusiasm and optimism, the world would surely be a better place!

This cracks me up – my dog Sienna does this too – when you scratch her in just the right spot, they make the funniest face!