Jazz is the first chocolate solid merle cocker spaniel I’ve photographed. And even more unique are the colors in her heterochromia: green and blue. I’m used to seeings dogs with brown and blue or partially blue eyes when they have merle markings, but not green and blue!

If her striking and unusual looks don’t bowl you over, then I know her adorable puppy-ness will. She was one of the most well-behaved puppies I’ve met, supersweet and attentive to her mom and new sister ZoE (who is now eight, but I also photographed her as a puppy!). ZoE is being a great big sister, sharing her toys and being incredibly patient when Jazz’s puppy antics.

I wanted to sneak her into my camera bag at the end of the session, but I thought her mom would probably notice. :p


Jazz stepped off the deck for the first time ever during our session!

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