Walter is a Bernese Mountain dog who is as loving and gentle as you could ever hope a dog would be. Even at eight years old, he still looks like a floppy puppy when he rests his head on his paws, and his eyes still sparkle when he hears a treat bag crinkle.

I especially loved seeing how adorable he is with his favorite stuffed toys, one of which is a big yellow duck that he uses as a chin rest. Don’t those big brown eyes just make you melt?


Aptly named Chanel is a five-year-old Maltese who was simply born to be a model. She loved all the attention that came with the camera and never stopped posing, whether she was sitting perfectly or running straight toward the camera for an action shot.

Even with the bow in her hair, though, Chanel is a tomboy at heart. She loves to play fetch with anything (she went digging in my camera bag at one point and surfaced with a tennis ball like she wanted to join the big dogs!), and if you don’t throw it for her, she will fling it across the room herself.

And if that doesn’t make her adorable enough, when she’s tuckered out from playing, she’ll curl up with her mom for a cuddle or stretch out next to her for a belly rub…until she gets her second wind and she’s ready to play again!

January 31, 2016 - 5:28 pm

Agnesa Dobryn - Adorable doggy❤️Happy birthday, Chanel.

Viola & Olivia

Olivia and Viola are two adorable sisters named for the countess and orphan in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Olivia is the outgoing sister who demands all the attention of her admirers, and Viola is the quieter girl who prefers to sit back a little and take everything into consideration before deciding her next move.

Both are gorgeous, with bright green eyes and sleek gray-striped coats. Olivia loves anything on a string, while Viola prefers her laser pointer and sparkly balls, but only when there isn’t a stranger staring at her with a big camera aimed at her. :p Both were so much fun to meet and photograph! Olivia is the first one pictured, with the rounder face, and Viola has the more brilliant green eyes.