Parker is a very handsome beagle mix who loves to sunbathe and ride around the neighborhood in his golf cart when he’s not busy cuddling with his mama. He’s one of the sweetest and most laid-back dogs I’ve met – and those big brown eyes! No wonder he gets everything he wants. 🙂

He can go from zero to 60 and back to zero in the blink of an eye. One minute he was napping, and then we’d ask if he wanted to go for a walk and – zoom! – he was out the door. Parker is also a very smart boy – he can open the screen door himself when he’s done sunbathing on the patio!


Jazz is the first chocolate solid merle cocker spaniel I’ve photographed. And even more unique are the colors in her heterochromia: green and blue. I’m used to seeings dogs with brown and blue or partially blue eyes when they have merle markings, but not green and blue!

If her striking and unusual looks don’t bowl you over, then I know her adorable puppy-ness will. She was one of the most well-behaved puppies I’ve met, supersweet and attentive to her mom and new sister ZoE (who is now eight, but I also photographed her as a puppy!). ZoE is being a great big sister, sharing her toys and being incredibly patient when Jazz’s puppy antics.

I wanted to sneak her into my camera bag at the end of the session, but I thought her mom would probably notice. :p


Jazz stepped off the deck for the first time ever during our session!

Otis, Cowboy, Nugget, & Tucker

I knew this shoot was going to be a lot of fun as soon as I walked up the front steps and saw two giant teddy bears standing in the doorway waiting for me! Otis and Cowboy are gorgeous, fluffier-than-a-cloud Newfoundlands, ages five and two. They are exactly the gentle giants you think they’d be, and are hilarious, adorable, and majestic all at once.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one session, they also have two cat brothers – Nugget, who was found under the crawlspace as a baby, was hand-raised and as a result doesn’t think he’s a cat (or a dog, for that matter) – he thinks he is 100% human! He is unfazed by the dogs and trotted around proudly in his winter sweater. It was so cute I could hardly stand it!

Tucker is the oldest of the crew, the grey tuxedo, a sweet old man who’s more of a loner since he prefers peace and quiet in his golden years.

Rather than trying to explain their personalities to you, I’ll let you get to know them through their photographs!