Cleocatra & Coconut

Cleocatra (how awesome is that name!) and Coconut are two six-month-old kittens who were adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society this year. Cleocatra, the tabby girl, charmed her dad by putting her paw out through the cage and gently nudging his hand and making sure she was the first cat he saw. Coconut, aptly named for his all-white coat, charmed with his playful but gentle personality (not to mention those golden eyes!). Lucky for these two, their new family knew about the benefits of adopting kittens in pairs, so although they weren’t together at the shelter, they came home together.

For whatever reason, I don’t get nearly as many requests for cat sessions as I do dog sessions, but I wish I did! I can’t tell you how much fun this session was. Cleo and Coco greeted me at the door like dogs, investigated my equipment, and then proceeded to show me around their lovely Buckhead apartment like they had just been waiting to start their modeling careers. These two are so sweet and fun, and I can’t figure out who’s luckier – their family for landing such an awesome pair of kittens, or the kittens for landing such a doting family and amazing home! I just hope my own foster kittens end up in homes as wonderful as this one…


Sam & Gus

Sam and Gus are five-month-old English Cocker Spaniel brothers who are the most adorable pair. Their family has an affinity for English Cockers, but they wanted to go the rescue route so they waited patiently until this opportunity came up. (Yay rescue!) Which is lucky for these boys, because now they have a perfect home where they can romp and play together for hours on end, chasing the ball, each other, and occasionally the errant squirrel.

These two have the most enviable eyelashes and hair so perfectly styled they were born to be models. Apparently Gus knew this already, and within five minutes of seeing the camera, started posing away. Sam was not as lured by fame and was more about playing ball and sniffing every possible scent in his yard, ha!


Chester is a one-year-old toy poodle who has no idea how tiny he is. He has a hundred-watt smile and loves meeting new people, playing with his toys, and sniffing around on his walks in the beautiful park near his home. Isn’t he a cutie?