Luther, Lola, & Reggie

These three have very important jobs. Their mom is the founder of Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, and although she’s retired from APRA now, she is still busy as ever in the local rescue community. Luther, Lola, and Reggie are the welcoming committee for the steady stream of fosters she takes into her home. They help the fosters acclimate to their new digs and show them what it’s like to live the good life!

Luther is the oldest, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is very patient and low-key. He points out all the best napping spots to the fosters. Lola teaches the foster dogs manners and how to play, as she gets along with everyone and is as sweet as can be. Reggie was recently taken in as a foster, but he’s here to stay – he and Lola are such good buddies their mom can’t bear to separate them. Reggie is one of the most cheerful, outgoing dogs you’ll ever meet, with a very charming smile to boot.

Meet Reggie, Luther, and Lola:

Whiskey, Gidget, Teddy, & Mr. Puppy

It’s a wonder I was able to shoot this session because I wanted to spend all of my time on the floor cuddling with them instead! They are quite the welcoming committee – they all rush to the front door barking when they hear a knock, but as soon as you step into the house you’re not a stranger anymore and they are wagging fluffballs jumping up and down to be picked up, held, and loved on.

All four are rescues with each of their own adorable quirks. Whiskey is a brown shih tzu who was saved from a puppy mill with burns down his back, but they have healed well now that he’s in a good place. He thinks he’s a cat – he’s always sneaking up on the kitchen table to snooze, and is so lazy that he sometimes won’t make it all the way down the hallway before he stops for a little nap! When treats are out, he’s a 100% awake, though. :p

Gidget is a terrier mix who was found as a stray, and the only girl in the pack, so of course she rules the roost. She LOVES tiny tennis balls and will toss them to herself when her humans get tired. Her ears are probably on their own frequency.

Mr. Puppy is the youngest of the group, and the miracle puppy – he was tiny when they rescued him and discovered he had a serious liver shunt. Thanks to lots of love and care, he recovered and is now in full health, the feistiest and most independent of this bunch. His human brother and sisters couldn’t agree on a name for him, so ended up with “Mr. Puppy.” When he is cranky they call him Señor Puppy!

Teddy is the most recently adopted – he’s a Biro Yorkshire Terrier, but he spent the first two years of his life in backyard breeder’s outdoor cage. Except for those moments he retreats to the closet, though, you’d never know he had such a rough start! He is very loving, super cuddly, and you know I’m especially partial to him because of his short little legs! He has the best smile and such a peaceful, easygoing personality.

Here are the boys – from left to right, Mr. Puppy, Whiskey, and Teddy:

And Gidget, the queen that she is, needed her own debut photo!

Poof, Gigi, and Lila

I’ll introduce you to these gorgeous girls from oldest to youngest: Poof is a kitten (maybe a Russian Blue?) who is now fourteen years old and was saved by her mom when she was just a few days old. Her mom found her when she was in college, and even though she didn’t have the schedule or resources to hand-raise a baby kitten, she did it anyway. She snuck her into her classes so she could bottle feed her as frequently as she needed, and was there when Poof opened her eyes for the very first time. Even though Poof can be a diva (as cats usually are!), she and her mom have an amazing bond.

Gigi, a miniature Schnauzer, will be seven this year and in her mom’s words, is a “precious little princess.” She’s doesn’t like to get dirty like her goofy puppy sister, and is all about being held. In the rare instances she loses the spotlight, she will gaze sweetly at her mom so that when she catches her eye she has to stop everything she’s doing and go cuddle her!

Lila is the newest addition to the family, a one-year-old giant Schnauzer who is equal parts goofball and lovebug. Her mom knew she wanted this breed, but also knew how many dogs are in need of homes every day. I admire her very much for waiting as long as she had to until Lila came along, who was discarded by the breeder because she was “damaged” (damaged = missing a toe!), but obviously she is perfect.

We started off the session in their lovely home, then spent the end of our playdate playing ball in the creek, one of Lila’s favorite things to do!

August 25, 2014 - 4:26 pm

Mary Vignolo Wheatley - so precious! love this pack of five! <3