Poof, Gigi, and Lila

I’ll introduce you to these gorgeous girls from oldest to youngest: Poof is a kitten (maybe a Russian Blue?) who is now fourteen years old and was saved by her mom when she was just a few days old. Her mom found her when she was in college, and even though she didn’t have the schedule or resources to hand-raise a baby kitten, she did it anyway. She snuck her into her classes so she could bottle feed her as frequently as she needed, and was there when Poof opened her eyes for the very first time. Even though Poof can be a diva (as cats usually are!), she and her mom have an amazing bond.

Gigi, a miniature Schnauzer, will be seven this year and in her mom’s words, is a “precious little princess.” She’s doesn’t like to get dirty like her goofy puppy sister, and is all about being held. In the rare instances she loses the spotlight, she will gaze sweetly at her mom so that when she catches her eye she has to stop everything she’s doing and go cuddle her!

Lila is the newest addition to the family, a one-year-old giant Schnauzer who is equal parts goofball and lovebug. Her mom knew she wanted this breed, but also knew how many dogs are in need of homes every day. I admire her very much for waiting as long as she had to until Lila came along, who was discarded by the breeder because she was “damaged” (damaged = missing a toe!), but obviously she is perfect.

We started off the session in their lovely home, then spent the end of our playdate playing ball in the creek, one of Lila’s favorite things to do!

Glaukos – seven months

The famous Glaukos the Gargoyle is already seven months old! I photographed him earlier this year when he was just nine weeks old, and it was so fun to see how much he’s grown. He’s already bigger than his big brother Briscoe, a bull mastiff, but is still all puppy! He still has the goofy puppy-run, the big awkward puppy-paws, and the giddy anticipation when a new toy comes out or his mom starts to go somewhere.

Since his first shoot was in a studio setting, this time we went outdoors to get some playful action shots. Enjoy!

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Sandy Thompson Taylor - Great…Great photos. I love the one of him getting out of the fountain…those eyes…it looks like he’s going to run right over you with excitement :)

August 19, 2014 - 4:53 pm

Laurie Luck - Crazy good! Those lips!

Spencer, Libby, & Baxter

These three rescued boxers are so photogenic it’s kind of ridiculous. Spencer is the big brother, about seven or eight years old, and Libby is the little sister who’s about four. Baxter is the newest addition, also about seven or eight, a foster who was going to be temporary but was so charming he ended up staying permanently! They are the most harmonious pack – none of them are alphas, so they have toys strewn about and love to walk in single-file lines in and out the door in any order. Watching them, it seems as if all three of them move as one single unit, orbiting each other to see if everyone is in the mood to play, or sleep – or beg for treats!

Libby and Baxter are from Atlanta Boxer Rescue, and their family frequently hosts foster dogs for ABR as well. I didn’t get to see them interact with a foster while I was there, but I can only imagine what a wonderful stop their home must be for the boxers who get to come through! Libby is the most energetic and playful, and will entice Spencer into wrestling matches. Spencer is the snuggly mama’s boy, and Baxter is the laid-back guy who just likes to take it all in after he finds a cuddly spot on your lap.

But I don’t need to tell you how full of personality these kids are – I’ll let you see for yourself! (Thanks, Tiffany, for a wonderful session!) From left to right, meet Baxter, Libby, and Spencer:


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