Wally was a Hurricane Irma refugee, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because by coming to Atlanta, he found the perfect home. He is a shy little guy (maybe a chihuahua/pomeranian mix? I also saw shiba inu in that smile) who likes to nap under the couch like a cat and only has eyes for his mom. As much as we all love outgoing dogs, there’s something to be said for those timid ones who only blossom for their person. I feel so privileged to be able to witness and capture the special bond between them.


Diesel’s mom was worried we wouldn’t have much to shoot for his session because he doesn’t have any tricks and doesn’t like to play games or chase toys…but she needn’t have worried! He was such a ham for the camera that every time I put my camera back in the bag because I thought we were finished, he would have a new expression for us. Those ears! That smirk!

He is a 14-year-old miniature pinscher/miniature schnauzer mix (we actually know that for sure, a rarity in rescue) who was adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue (now Best Friends Atlanta), the same rescue as two of my own pups. He is a spunky, independent guy who loves his mama, marking every tree in the park, and snoozing on the couch – in that order. 🙂


Waldorf is a Yorkie mix who had FIVE different homes before he finally found the place he was meant to be. He is a very sweet boy who needed someone special who understood him – he has a mind of his own and loves to be the center of attention. (Which happens pretty naturally, as he has so many adorable expressions. His ears alone have their own personality, and don’t get me started on that snaggletooth!)

He and his mom are a match made in heaven. She’d wanted a dog her entire life, but her allergies got in the way. It just so happens that Waldorf’s fur, from whatever wonderful mystery mix(es) created him, doesn’t set off her allergies at all! I love that she didn’t just go out and purchase a doodle (who aren’t even guaranteed to be hypoallergenic…) even though it might have been easier. She knew she wanted to save a pup who needed her, and she had the patience to look, and wait, until the right one came along. ♥