Sammy, Mia, & Baby Roo

Baby Roo and Mia have welcomed a new brother into the pack! Sammy is a rescue too, and even though he’s only about a year old he exudes the calm wisdom of an old soul. He gets along fabulously with everyone, and is pretty much a couch potato who loves affection, from people and dogs alike.

Mia’s favorite part of summer is playing fetch in the creek, where she can run with her ball for hours without her human having to worry about her overheating. So we combined her new obsession with Sammy’s photos (because of course he has to have photos to match everyone else’s!), and snuck in a few of Baby Roo since she’s all grown up now. Hope you enjoy the update on this fun crew!


Madeline is a lovely five-year-old poodle mix who was adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption after she was found by animal control wandering the streets. Luckily she found her way to the perfect family – initially she was timid and worried, but she’s completely come out of her shell now that she’s safe and loved.

She loves to lounge in her gorgeous backyard, soaking in the sunlight and playing fetch. Even though she’s quite the athlete, when she’s inside, she’s snuggling with her mama and loves to give kisses. She is such a sweetheart, and so much fun to photograph – those big brown eyes can melt you in seconds!


Zoe Belle

Adorable Zoë Belle is eight now, but if you met her you’d swear she was still a puppy! When I first arrived she greeted me enthusiastically, then started doing zoomies around her living room with a toy in her mouth. People who think they prefer big dogs are completely won over when they meet her – she has a big dog’s personality in a tiny five-pound body.

Zoë could play fetch for hours, and her favorite thing (aside from cuddling with her mom and dad) is a mini tennis ball that she goes crazy for whenever it comes out. She’s a Yorkie/Maltese mix, with ridiculously cute smile and quirky little ears to match.

Don’t you just want to scoop her up?