Bella is sweet little Aussiedoodle who wants nothing more than to be with her people. She’s a quiet girl, always observing and listening. Even while she’s napping, she’ll still listen for a car to come up the drive and then she dashes to the front room, wagging her tail and waiting to see through the window who’s coming home next.

She has a big basket of toys and lots of space to explore, but she’s only ever interested in her alligator plush toy and the room where her people are. When she’s feeling comfortable and content, she’ll roll over for a belly rub and cuddle for hours on end.

Isn’t she a sweetheart?

June 21, 2016 - 12:35 am

Tucker Birdsten - I want her and the pillow!!!


Baxter is an adorable little guy, a four-year-old terrier mix who loves to be the center of attention. He is the absolute master of the head-tilt – that, along with his expressive eyebrows and big brown eyes, is making it very difficult to choose the final photos for his gallery! I want to show his mom and dad 500 photos but I don’t think they would appreciate that. :p

He is super cuddly and quite the couch potato – after his daily zoomies, he’ll stretch out and nap for hours. He was so lazy that at first we couldn’t get any photos of him sitting up – he would lie down and flop over as soon as soon as we asked him to sit somewhere – and we had to rile him up with treats to get him to sit all the way up, ha!

Bandit & J.D.

Bandit and J.D. are such an awesome duo. These boys complement each other perfectly – Bandit is the epitome of chill, always lounging around, and J.D. is the life of the party who’s always ready for a game of fetch. A few times each day, their moods align and they’ll play a friendly game of chase or tug. Bandit runs like a bunny, and J.D. has the best. ears. ever.

Bandit is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel/Dachshund mix, but J.D.’s ancestry is a true mystery. (J.D. stands for Just Dog.) Can you believe they’re eleven and ten years old?!

J.D. has the most soulful eyes.

Bandit’s signature pose:

June 28, 2016 - 8:17 pm

Michele Lynn - You know I love the howlin’ picture!