Jaimoe & Georgia

I had the honor of photographing Georgia six years ago when she was four years old – I can’t believe she’s ten now! She still as active as ever, thanks to her new little (but huge!) brother Jaimoe. Jaimoe’s two now, and was just skin and bones when he was rescued off the streets. Of course now he looks amazing, and it was also amazing how quickly Georgia took to her new brother. They hit it off almost immediately and are the perfect pair. When they’re not wrestling and tugging together, they’re napping together!

Georgia’s favorite thing is still the ball, and while her markings have lightened a bit, that sparkle in her warm chocolate eyes hasn’t. Jaimoe loves whatever his sister loves, and when she’s trying to take a break he’ll grab a stuffed toy and push it on her to try to instigate play. (Then he’ll walk away dejected if she refuses. So sweet.) They even look like a matching pair, as Georgia is white with light tan markings and Jaimoe is light tan with white markings. These two are the cutest!

Jake, Lucy & Farley

Between these three, there’s pretty much every type of dog! Jake is the super chill, laid-back guy who will roll over and beg for belly rubs, Lucy is the sleek athletic girl who loves to walk in the park. And Farley is the goofball who’s always ready to play, overflowing with energy and zest for life.

Jake is the old man of the pack, a 12-year-old shepherd/lab mix who has an amazing lost-and-found story. On a family vacation years ago, he got lost in Florida. His family drove down almost weekly for six months to search for him. Finally, he wandered on to a golf course and thanks to the tags he was still wearing, he was reunited with his family. As soon as his dad came to pick him up, he hopped into the car like nothing had happened – like a doggie walkabout was an everyday occurrence. (Can you imagine?!) Luckily, nothing so dramatic has happened since and he spends his days lounging on cushy dog beds and when he gets really bored, chewing on grass – ha!

Lucy is a 10-year-old boxer/bulldog/lab mix (the DNA test said so!) and you can definitely see the boxer in her athletic build as she bounds around the yard, keeping the puppy in check. Farley is the baby of the family, a golden retriever who’s nearly a year old but is still 100% puppy. She’s a bouncy, happy girl who is happy to play with anyone who’s willing, and she loves every dog and person she meets.

Don’t you just love this pack?!

Peyton, Honey & Red

These three are quite the pack. Peyton is the big brother, a handsome white and gray boy who’s almost eight. Honey is next, about seven now, named for her unusual liver and white coloring. Red is the six-year-old baby, and you guessed it – a red-nosed pit mix! They are fantastic breed ambassadors who are very well-behaved and so loving.

Peyton and Red LOVE to play with their toys outside, while Honey likes to do her zoomies inside. Honey was rescued as a very shy and nervous girl, and it is a testament to her parents how far she has come. Because of all their hard work, she came out of her shell in a matter of minutes for me, and I was rewarded with kisses and lots of handshakes. Even the camera got a few kisses!

My favorite thing about Peyton are his ears, which are like their own entity – he can probably hear transmissions in space! Oh, and his chocolate brown eyes…bring me someone who doesn’t like pits and he will melt them with those eyes in a matter of minutes.

Red was the most difficult to photograph, only because he wanted to be in your lap or right up against you all the time – and I didn’t have a lens wide enough to accommodate that! He is a playful, goofy boy who is always on the move.

If you’ve ever visited a shelter in Georgia, you know how many pits are in need of homes. In addition to rescuing these three and giving them an amazing forever home, this family gives freely of their time and resources to through fostering and funding so that even more can find homes. I admire them so much and I know there are so many dogs who owe them their lives!