Bayley is a 12-year-old terrier mix who is as cute as they come. He charms everyone with his sweet face and rock star hair, which he can wear as a mohawk or combed neatly for a gentlemanly look. :p He loves nibbling on his plush toys and making friends at doggie daycare, but more than anything he loves his mom and dad. He has to be wherever they are, whether that means napping in the sun on the patio, going for rides, or snugging on the couch.

He tore his ACL last fall and has been on crate rest for quite some time (which is why we couldn’t do any action shots for this session) – but luckily he has an amazing family that is going above and beyond to care for him and help his recovery along. Please send lots of healing thoughts to him and his family!

Ella, Chloe, Millie, Violet & Mia

I was so excited when I got the email about photographing a mini Golden Retriever (as some of you know, two of my dogs fit that description to a tee! You don’t see mixed breeds like them every day.), and I was not disappointed. I actually have to admit that Ella is probably cuter than both of mine, though, because she looks less like a mini Golden and more like a perpetual Golden puppy! When you see her photos you won’t believe that she’s 13.

Not only is Ella from the same rescue as my blond twins (Atlanta Pet Rescue, now called Best Friends Atlanta), our furry families are both composed of three dogs and two cats. Chloe is a four-year-old beagle/heeler mix and Millie is a two-year-old spaniel mix, and together they are two peas in a pod. They love to chase and play, and Millie is especially interested in getting to know the cats, Violet and Mia.

Ella is deaf now, and has always been quiet and low-key. She likes finding cozy places to snooze and is a total mama’s girl. Chloe is the daddy’s girl who is always on the move, playing and exploring. Millie just loves everyone and everything and even though Chloe always beats her to the ball during fetch, she’s always a very good sport. As for the cats, Violet is a snuggler but Mia, with the mousy pink nose, is a typical diva cat who is still convinced she’s being held prisoner, ha!

I had so much fun spending a morning with this crew. They were all basking in the attention the camera brought and I couldn’t have asked for cuter subjects!

Dizzle is officially available for adoption!

What a better way to start the year on this blog than with photos of one of my fosters? 🙂 Dizzle is a special girl – while I have fostered all kinds of cats from orphaned day-old kittens who required round-the-clock feeding, and ferals who don’t want to be touched, Dizz is my first disabled foster. She ended up in Fulton County Animal Control at only six weeks old, unable to use her back legs. The scuff marks on her feet suggested she’d been hit by a car.

Atlanta Beagle Rescue (of all rescues!) was the only one to step up, and they worked with the amazing folks at East Atlanta Animal Clinic to diagnose and treat her injuries. We found that she’d also been deeply bitten by an animal in her lower spine and developed an infection, which might have also been contributing to the partial paralysis. With laser therapy and daily physical therapy exercises, over the past five months Dizzle has regained some strength in her back legs. Now she can not only stand on her own, she has her own unique way of walking!

Dizz has been a feisty, playful girl from the very first day she came to my house. She loves toys of all kinds and especially loves chasing and wrestling with other young cats. You wouldn’t believe how fast she can move, and how high she can climb! There are some days when she wants to play a lot more than she wants to cuddle, but it makes those cuddling moments all the more special. When she’s in the mood for affection, she has a deep and melodious purr and loves to make biscuits (while considerately keeping her nails in, of course. :p).

Now on to the practical bits for potential adopters: Dizz is spayed, combo-tested negative for FIV/FeLV, and she’s current on vaccinations and flea preventative. She can use the litter box most of the time and won’t need too many modifications – just some strategically placed beds in places she’s likely to jump down onto and some easy-entry litter boxes. She is about seven months old now and based on the x-rays and exams, doesn’t require any more treatments or therapies at this time. She does very well with dogs and while she takes a bit to get used to new cats, she loves to play once she’s comfortable. She’s not afraid of children, but she would do best with older children who would understand how to be gentle with her.

If you’re interested in meeting Dizz and possibly adopting her, get started HERE by filling out an application!

Here was Dizzle at Fulton County AC before she was rescued:


And Dizz now!! <3