Sophie, Grace & Zoey

Get ready for a Frenchie-sized boatload of cuteness! Sophie is a twelve-year-old French bulldog who’s just been joined by adorable six-month-old puppies Grace and Zoey. She’s taking it all in stride and has been happy to have some playmates to keep her young. Sophie is a regal girl with an adorable crinkled ear. She’s all about staking out the best napping spots and making sure she’s in the same room as her mom.

Grace is the Frenchie who doesn’t look like she’s wearing eyeliner (she also has a bit of “resting bitch face” when her mouth is closed, ha!), while Zoey looks like she carefully applies her eyeliner each morning and is always smiling. Grace is the more independent and particular of the two. Zoey, though, is all kisses and wags and just wants to please.  The hardest thing about this session was keeping her from photobombing all the shots for the other two!


Bunce & Butter

Bunce and Butter are the funniest pair. Bunce is a two-year-old yellow lab, and Butter is his partner in crime, an eight-month-old French bulldog. Even though they’re about the same color, they are definitely not the same size! But that doesn’t keep them from wrestling all day long, or negotiating who gets the next chew or toy.

Even though Butter is the younger of the two, she’s a little less active only because she’s too busy cuddling. Bunce, as you may expect, is always up for a good game of fetch but is just as affectionate and sweet as well. He came to his dad through the service dog organization Warrior Canine Connection, as his dad is a veteran who lost both his legs while in service to our country. (Hopefully I will be able to do a special post on that in the future, but for now, this is a sneak peek featuring the dogs!)

Bunce’s mom and dad are recently engaged, so of course we had to sneak that into the shoot somehow – you’ll see that photo below among all the other photos of Bunce and Butter. A big congratulations to them, and a heartfelt thank you to Bunce’s dad for his service and sacrifice.


Buckley is a very striking one-year-old standard dachshund who is quite possibly the fastest and the longest dachshund I’ve ever photographed! He loves to play fetch, which is beautiful and funny at the same time, with his shiny coat and svelte figure, but his floppy ears flying every which way. When he’s not playing, he loves to follow his people around and give them kisses whenever he’s allowed. Isn’t he handsome?