Peyton, Honey & Red

These three are quite the pack. Peyton is the big brother, a handsome white and gray boy who’s almost eight. Honey is next, about seven now, named for her unusual liver and white coloring. Red is the six-year-old baby, and you guessed it – a red-nosed pit mix! They are fantastic breed ambassadors who are very well-behaved and so loving.

Peyton and Red LOVE to play with their toys outside, while Honey likes to do her zoomies inside. Honey was rescued as a very shy and nervous girl, and it is a testament to her parents how far she has come. Because of all their hard work, she came out of her shell in a matter of minutes for me, and I was rewarded with kisses and lots of handshakes. Even the camera got a few kisses!

My favorite thing about Peyton are his ears, which are like their own entity – he can probably hear transmissions in space! Oh, and his chocolate brown eyes…bring me someone who doesn’t like pits and he will melt them with those eyes in a matter of minutes.

Red was the most difficult to photograph, only because he wanted to be in your lap or right up against you all the time – and I didn’t have a lens wide enough to accommodate that! He is a playful, goofy boy who is always on the move.

If you’ve ever visited a shelter in Georgia, you know how many pits are in need of homes. In addition to rescuing these three and giving them an amazing forever home, this family gives freely of their time and resources to through fostering and funding so that even more can find homes. I admire them so much and I know there are so many dogs who owe them their lives!


You can imagine how excited I was to get a session inquiry for a pug named George – and a rescued pug at that! George’s mom shares my love of rescue dogs and knew that even though she wanted a purebred puppy, rescue was still an option. Karma has repaid her tenfold with pretty much the most awesome dog ever! George somehow manages to be incredibly cuddly and playful without being high-maintenance. He can go from snoring like a man in his favorite spot to playing fetch in 0 to 60 – he’s happy to do whatever you ask.

George is ten years old now. He lost his sight in one eye when he was just four months old, and then two months later he was hit by a car…and that family that purchased him wanted to euthanize him instead of paying the $300 it would cost to put his leg in a cast. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it led to him finding a much better family who loves him as every dog deserves to be loved. Now there has been and always will be a window in the sun, a welcoming lap, and hands to throw his favorite ball or rub his belly, whichever the moment calls for. ♥


Four years ago, Sammie was very lucky to be rescued by some kind neighbors who couldn’t stand seeing her chained up outside any longer. She was full of heartworms, wary and skittish from a lifetime of neglect. They treated her heartworms, put some much-needed weight on her, and showed her what a loving home was supposed to be – and now, of course, she is flourishing! She’s nine years old now and found a forever home with another neighbor who couldn’t say no to her sweet face even though her husband had allergies. (Like me, he’s taking allergy shots because what’s life without a dog? 🙂 )

Sammie is nine years old now and living the good life. She starts out her morning racing around the backyard like a puppy, then comes in and examines her stuffed toys to decide which one she’ll be carrying around that day. (Lambchop, of course!) Then she snoozes while waiting for Mom to stop for a meal break, at which point she lurks by the countertops hoping to sneak a taste of chicken or bison (her favorite).

I loved what a documentary feel this session took on, as Sammie had so many different activities and quirks to capture. It was so wonderful to see Sammie living the life she deserves after such a rough start. I love happy endings!