Kyra, Luke, Bren & Rocco

I love this crew! I photographed them a couple years ago and we got some adorable sleepy indoor photos because it was a gloomy day outside. For this session, though, they had a new backyard and a beautiful, crisp and sunny fall day. It was so fun to see another side of them –  at twelve and thirteen, Kyra (the yellow lab mix) and Rocco (the pit mix with the EARS!) are showing no signs of slowing down and still love to run and play.

The babies, Luke and Bren (six and five – the beagle mix and the smaller pit mix), still love to beg for treats. Luke dances with his paws in the air when he wants something, while Bren does the opposite, rolling on her back to entice you with her cuteness. 🙂

Tony, Grover & Pickles

These three are the most adorably unique and perfect trio! They were all adopted through Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption (now called Best Friends Atlanta) at different times – Tony was the first, a chihuahua/terrier mix with one-and-a-half blue eyes and some very cute brindle markings. Grover was next, a Silkie terrier mix, and then Pickles is the newest and youngest addition, a little Jack Russell mix with the daintiest little face!

Tony and Pickles are total BFFs. They love to play tug and chase each other, while Grover is 100% about the cuddling. He doesn’t mind all the energy of his brother and sister, but rather than getting down and dirty he’d much rather just curl up by your side and take a long nap. For much of the session, he didn’t want to join us because he didn’t want to get his muppety feet wet!

To see all three of them together is quite a sight. They’re all terrier mixes of similar sizes, but each so unusual and different – just another reason mixes are so awesome! They are also a very harmonious pack in tune with each other. They all move together, always checking in with each other by touching noses. They groom each other and are always aware of what the others are doing. Don’t you just adore them?


Dagny is a 10-year-old terrier mix who is, as her mom calls her, the cutest little nugget! She has more expressions than I can count. One minute she looks like a wise old man who could solve all the problems of life with her advice, the next she’s a classic terrier driven to get at that treat no matter what you have planned instead. Another moment later she’ll look as goofy and silly as a baby puppy playing with her toys, and then she morphs into a total couch potato slash lovebug.

I love her unique look – I’m always a sucker for the short legs! Best guesses for her mix: some wire-haired dachshund, maybe a little beagle…whatever it is, it’s perfect! Don’t you just love mutts?!