Get ready for some serious cuteness overload! I got to meet Hazel at 13 weeks old, and she is as insanely cute as you can imagine a Basset Hound puppy could be. She’s all soft wrinkles and floppy ears, with big doleful eyes and the sweetest personality to match. She’s already 20 pounds (I think people forget how big Bassets are – they’re usually around 50-60 pounds as adults) but picking her up is like trying to pick up jello – she’s so long and bendy and wiggly.

She’s a smart girl, already going to the door when she needs to go outside or going to sit by the stairs when she’s ready for a meal. She’s been very interested in her big brother Butters, who is being very patient and laid-back with this whole puppy invasion business. The most difficult thing about Hazel’s session was making sure I kept working instead of putting my camera down to play with this adorable ball of wrinkly mischief!

Tinsel, Spruce & Keepsake (& friends!)

Tinsel, Spruce, and Keepsake are ridiculously adorable Australian Shepherds who were born on Christmas Day, hence their festive names. When I met them they were nearly eight weeks old, plump and fluffy and constantly on the move. Honestly, words will not convey their scrumptiousness, so I won’t even bother to try. Pictures are better, but still not quite the real thing…hopefully you’ll get the faintest whiff of puppy breath and hear that little puppy squeak while you’re looking at these!

(So as not to give puppies all the attention, I’ve included some of their older housemates throughout this post, as the adult Aussies – and one Border Collie named Pi – are stunning in their own right!)

Tinsel (the female of the trio):


and Spruce!

Big boy Rowan:

Sweet gentleman Brinkley:

Frisbee pro Jonah:

And four-month-old Pi the BC!

Getting an early start with agility!


Bayley is a 12-year-old terrier mix who is as cute as they come. He charms everyone with his sweet face and rock star hair, which he can wear as a mohawk or combed neatly for a gentlemanly look. :p He loves nibbling on his plush toys and making friends at doggie daycare, but more than anything he loves his mom and dad. He has to be wherever they are, whether that means napping in the sun on the patio, going for rides, or snugging on the couch.

He tore his ACL last fall and has been on crate rest for quite some time (which is why we couldn’t do any action shots for this session) – but luckily he has an amazing family that is going above and beyond to care for him and help his recovery along. Please send lots of healing thoughts to him and his family!