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Peanut was adopted from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption last year and is Max and Madison‘s new sister. When she first arrived at the shelter, she was skittish, shy, and had some skin issues. But with Candace as her foster mom and Madison as her new best friend, she slowly but surely came out of […]

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Roman is a handsome 4-year-old Bernese Mountain dog and cousin of Shuggie, Georgia and Charlie Brown. He has some really endearing quirks: when he’s outside, he’ll jump and bark and beg for his toys, but as soon as he has them he drops them on the ground and walks away! When he’s excited he likes […]

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This year just seems to be the year of amazing black lab/black lab mixes! Tucker is a three-year-old rescue pup who is bursting with energy, personality, and love. He loves kissing and cuddling, and also runs circles so fast in the backyard my head was spinning halfway through the session! His dad does this hilarious […]

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